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Pediatric’s Endodontics

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What Is Pediatric Endodontics?

At Indianapolis Endodontics, we are dedicated to delivering expert endodontic care to patients of all ages, including Pediatric. We recognize that dental issues, such as infected teeth and dental trauma, can affect kids just as they do adults. Our passionate team is committed to providing the necessary treatment to restore and safeguard your little ones' precious smiles.

Our practice specializes in endodontics, which focuses on addressing infections and conditions that affect the inner part of the tooth, utilizing procedures like root canal therapy. Within our services, we offer a specialized branch called pediatric endodontics, which is specifically tailored to treat these issues in Pediatric. At Indianapolis Endodontics, we provide a comprehensive range of solutions, including standard root canal therapy for adult teeth and "baby root canals"(pulpotomies). The latter option offers a quicker and less invasive alternative to restore and protect infected baby teeth effectively.

When it comes to our young patients with infected or damaged teeth, Indianapolis Endodontics takes pride in creating a child-friendly environment. We prioritize their comfort and safety, offering sedation options to ensure a positive and pain-free experience throughout their entire treatment journey. Your child's well-being is our top concern, and we strive to make every visit a pleasant and stress-free one. Trust us to provide exceptional care for your child's dental needs.

What advantages does an endodontist have in treating my child compared to a dentist?

Why choose an endodontist at Indianapolis Endodontics to treat your child? Our endodontists undergo at least two additional years of specialized training focused on root canals and related procedures, exceeding the training of general dentists and pediatric dentists. With a high volume of root canal treatments and other endodontic procedures performed each week, our endodontists possess extensive expertise, specialized tools, and advanced training to deliver optimal outcomes. To ensure your child receives the exceptional care they deserve, we recommend scheduling a consultation without delay. Click the button below to explore more about our "Save Your Tooth" consultations.

At what point should I bring my child to an endodontist for treatment?

Seek endodontist immediately after oral injury

When your child experiences a cracked or damaged tooth due to contact sports, play-related incidents, or accidents like slip and falls, an endodontist is the optimal choice. With their specialized expertise and extensive experience, endodontists excel in restoring and treating damaged teeth, surpassing the capabilities of regular dentists.

For toothaches, consult endodontist promptly

If your child experiences a persistent and painful toothache, it may signal a tooth infection that requires the expertise of an experienced endodontist. A pulpotomy, commonly known as a baby root canal, is the recommended treatment option to address the issue effectively.

If your childs tooth is highly sensitive

If your child experiences intense tooth sensitivity while consuming hot or cold foods, as well as very sugary foods or drinks, it could indicate a deep cavity or an infected tooth. Seeking treatment from an endodontist is the optimal course of action.

After referral from your pediatric dentist

If your child's pediatric dentist deems it necessary to refer them to a specialist for complex root canals and similar procedures, they may recommend an endodontist. In such cases, it is essential to promptly reach out to one of our locations for immediate specialist care.

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